Lessons learnt: when choosing repository names, it’s all about branding

There’s one thing that any software developer, experienced or noob, would tell you: The real difficulties in software design aren’t buried deeply inside an Algorithm Bible/Quran/Torah/{insert your manifest of choice here}.

The really hard part is “How should I name this thing?”

So, when we moved our repository over to the Google server farms, we chose the most appropriate name that was available then. The other name, as much as it would have fit our project better, was taken, unsurprisingly.

But, to our delight, the owner of textpattern.googlecode.com noticed this quirks within days and invited us there. And so the Textpattern code repository had to move once again. Branding, you know?

Sorry for all the inconvenience. Really. And thanks to Stallon Selvan for transferring this spot to us.

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  1. This is getting tiresome…

  2. You should update the links under development in the right-hand sidebar on this page…

    (and I agree with Jérémie)

  3. It ask me for some user\pass when i’m trying to make new repository at my comp. I’m doing something wrong?

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