Phil Wareham joins the Textpattern team

We are very happy to introduce the newest member of our core team: Phil Wareham.

And this is for a reason (or three): While the rest of us cannot draw a convincing approximation of a circle on a piece of paper and, if in doubt, relies to sprinkle user interface elements all across the pages at a dividable-by-powers-of-two grid just as the underlying code permits, Phil really shines in the areas of visual design and user experience. On the other hand, it’s said that Phil does not event pretend to have any PHP skills. Well, we’ll have to deal with that as a team…

Phil has been contributing to the project as an enthusiastic volunteer for ages, created the new default site theme for the upcoming 4.5 release and vastly improved on the admin-side’s markup and style.

Welcome aboard, Phil!


  1. Congrats Phil! Wish you all the best!

  2. Nice! Triple nice!

    Why it has taken 9.5 years to get a designer on board is beyond me, but there’s one now, that’s all that matters, and I know good things are coming.

    Crotte is getting exciting!

    P.S. Textile doesn’t appear to be applied in ‘Preview’ mode.

  3. Congrats Phil! Any update on 4.5 release?

    Also make Phil clean up the CSS in the (otherwise awsome!) new default theme—so messy compared to the minimal and ordered style of the current ?

  4. This is fantastic news! The value of a great design and great user experience can’t be underestimated.

    For all of us building websites for paying customers, it’s going to make it easier to sell Textpattern as an alternative to other systems.

    I really pleased about this! Congratulations Phil and good luck learning PHP!

  5. Excellent news and well-deserved!

  6. Cheers people. I won’t be learning PHP though, I have a fair understanding of it anyway. My role is primarily going to be UI/UX, HTML, CSS, themes (front side and admin side – more on that soon) and working on the brand websites (like this one).


    I’m surprised you find the CSS in the 4.5 default theme messy. Its all organised into logical sections, commented extensively, and avoids class names as far as realistically possible. Let me know where exactly you think it’s problematic.

    The reason the theme is on GitHub is so people can get involved, post issues, etc. There is also more documentation on it there too.

  7. A welcome addition and long overdue. … A good marriage of Arts and Technology to paraphrase Jobs.

    Loving the design changes of late.

  8. Nice one Phil ?

  9. Well done! Congratulations!

  10. Congratulations!

  11. Congrats Phil ?

  12. Thank you, TXP team – great move. I’m sick of clients pointing to lesser CMS systems simply because they have a bit more lipstick in the admin backend.

  13. TXP deserved a core designer, and Phil really deserved that title: Good move!

    Congrats, Phil!

  14. Well done, Phil! Now you’ve served your time, I hope they bought you a big cake :-)


  16. Congrats, Mr Wareham!

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