The 4.0.0 release has a total of 19,682 lines of code or more specifically 14,964 non-blank and non-comment lines of PHP code (or SLOC). After stripping the setup, update and import directories we are left with 11,754 SLOC, or as my editor tells me 392,616 characters. If then we go on to strip all remaining whitespace-characters I am left with with merely 302,517 characters – I guess we had a lot of blank moments. If you still have those nifty 5¼-inch DD floppy disks, you could fit it on one of those.

The most popular characters in that core code are e (appears 22,521 times) and t (appears 21,481 times). A little suprisingly perhaps the first non-character is not $, coming in at 12th place with 11,426 gigs, but instead ' with 17,309 scenes (3rd place), certainly due to the many i18n-related gTxt()-calls.

At the other extreme the most untrendy characters were Q (26 times) and J (21 times). And we even managed to snuck in a single lonesome , though on closer inspection it turned out that was wet in his patch for generating the thumbnails.

So, if any of our readers out there have some es left, we might trade them against a couple of Js – 1:2 even.