Team Textpattern is pleased to announce the release of Textpattern CMS 4.7.3, available for immediate download. Textpattern 4.7.3 is a maintenance release which serves to enhance existing features, resolve some issues from previous Textpattern releases and build on the groundwork for functionality in future releases of Textpattern.

Thank you to everyone who contributed to this release with reporting & resolving bugs, providing & improving language translations and overall improvements to the code, documentation and the wealth of information in the Textpattern ecosystem. We’re grateful to everyone who continues to help drive the project.


You can download Textpattern from using the following links, or from the GitHub repository directly. Please take a moment to ‘star’ our project’s repositories on GitHub.

Whether you download from or GitHub, the respective file contents are identical. To take full advantage of Textpattern’s multi-site capabilities, please download the .tar.gz archive as it includes the multi-site scaffold.

File download

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The Textpattern demo has been updated to offer Textpattern 4.7.3 test drives in complete safety. The demo sites are rebuilt every few hours using the Textpattern auto-installer.

System requirements

Textpattern 4.7.x requires a minimum of PHP 5.4 as part of the system requirements, though a vendor-supported PHP version is highly recommended (PHP 7.2 and PHP 7.3 have active and ongoing support at the time of writing).

Installation and upgrade

As with any Textpattern release, please ensure you log out of your admin side prior to upgrade, take and verify a site backup (database and files), and refer to the README.txt file in the download archives for detailed instructions.

What’s new in this release?

The current HISTORY.txt outlines changes for this and previous Textpattern releases. We recommend you read the list of changes to understand how this may affect your current site, especially if you’re upgrading from older versions.

The full change set is:

  • Fixed: ‘Export to disk’ checkbox state inconsistencies for new assets.
  • Fixed: Logout issue in Classic admin theme.
  • Fixed: A bug when PHP mbstring extension is disabled.
  • Fixed: Prevent Alt+S from triggering save (thanks, o10154016).
  • Fixed: Language .ini files trump old .txt files.
  • Changed: Permit falling back on pophelp in ‘lang’ database table.
  • Changed: ‘Show password’ on Users panel displays both passwords.
  • Added: <txp:yield /> values are available in external forms too.
  • Added: Indicator for WebP support in Diagnostics panel.
  • Added: Latest translations.
  • Added: Complete Italian inline help translation. Many thanks to Giampiero Mellea for all their work.
  • Developer: Introduce L10n/Lang->languageList() to get language tuples.
  • Textile 3.7.1. See for full list of changes in this release (thanks, gocom).

Further notes

If you find anything not working correctly or wish to propose enhancements, please report them on GitHub, stating the affected version(s) and any salient information. There are templates for feature requests and bug reports.

We hope you enjoy this release and it serves you, your sites and clients well!