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Polski and Català

Textpattern CMS localized support continues growing thanks to our increasing group of fabulous translators.

Labels enclosed on their own HTML tags

Starting from revision 979 labels provided for the Textpattern listing tags (recent_articles, recent_comments, linklist, related_articles, category_list, section_list and file_download_list) will be nevermore added as the first item of those lists.

Daily contents with if_different

One of the newer conditional tags added to Textpattern – if_different – allows to display date based contents in our sites without trouble.

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Available in Latviešu now

Courtesy of maijs, Latvian is the 23th language available for Textpattern. You can install it from the languages section now.

New conditional tags

There are three new conditional tags in the 4.0 branch: if_first_article, if_last_article and if_different.